Blog Inspiration from the Greats


I’m kind of addicted to starting blogs. In 2015 I started around 5 blogs and stuck with each of them for about one to two months. (I think one stretched to three months, which was definitely a record for me.)

As 2016 looms, yet again I am going to try to stick to writing a blog. (One post a week is all I’m aiming for at this point.)

So, as writing my first post felt slightly like drawing blood from a stone, I looked to a book I’ve treasured in my room for quite a few months now:

How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspiration and Get to Work.

So, I sit and ask myself – is there any advice I can take from the greats when it comes to sticking to some sort of writing schedule?

I’m not sure if any of the info I’ve found is going to be of use, but nosing into the daily routines of some of my favourite authors and artists has definitely made for a good afternoon’s worth of reading.

I’ve picked out some of the routines I liked most below:

Truman Capote

“I am a completely horizontal author. I can’t think unless I’m lying down, either in bed or stretched out on a couch and with a cigarette and coffee handy. I’ve got to be puffing and sipping. As the afternoon wears on, I shift from coffee, to mint tea to sherry to martinis.”

Maya Angelou

“I keep a hotel room in which I do my work – a tiny, mean room with just a bed, and sometimes, if I can find it, a basin. I keep a dictionary, a Bible, a deck of cards and a bottle of sherry in the room. … It’s lonely and it’s marvellous.”

David Lynch

“I like things to be orderly. For seven years I ate at Bob’s Big Boy. I would go at 2:30, after the lunch rush. I ate a chocolate shake and four, five, six, seven cups of coffee – with lots of sugar. And there’s a lot of sugar in that chocolate shake. … I would get a rush from all this sugar, and I would get so many ideas! I would write them on these napkins.”

Haruki Marakami

“I keep to this routine everyday without variation. The repetition itself becomes the most important thing; it’s a form of mesmerism. I mesmerise myself to reach a deeper state of mind.”

Maybe if I pick and choose a few of these routines an inspirational, second post will appear on this blog soon. *Gets in “horizontal position”*

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