February 1 (late)

Mondays have a tendency to roll around so quickly don’t they?

To get over the inevitable Monday dread, I put together some quick things to look forward to/follow/read this week.

Im hoping this will give me more ganas for the week ahead, instead of wanting to curl up under my duvet and not surface for a year.
If you don’t follow Emma Gannon’s blog – Girl Lost in the City – I totally suggest you do. Its funny, down to earth and full of lovely observations about social media and the weird digital worlds that we spend so much time in.
Want to chill out and warm up for the winter? Check out the Fierce Grace Yoga studio in Kentish Town. The teachers are Fierce Grace instructors in training so the price is pretty cool too – £10 drop ins.
HuffPost on snapchat. If you’re looking for a new snapchat add – follow @HuffPost. Their up dates are oh so American but oh so wonderful. Yesterday they went to a bakery where you can buy a cookie that weighs half a pound – why does that not exist in London?
Deliciously Stella is another ace social media follow. Deliciously Stella does her own version of clean eating, she describes it as “my shit, unhealthy life.” I am very partial to her version of “cutting carbs.”
Blue is the warmest colour
If you’re looking for a wonderfully french film that documents the tense and intense relationship between two girls, this may be the one.
Hope you enjoy and have a gorgeous week…

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