A love letter to naps…


Dear siestas and naps,

In England you aren’t really the norm.

You’re for babies, toddlers or old people. For sick people or for people who work night shifts. If something tiring happened to me the night before, or if I couldn’t sleep, I’d try and nap.

But I’d probably feel guilty about sleeping in the day and that I should be doing something productive instead.

Though, sleeping is better for you than watching TV, they say. Maybe I could justify you with that? Surely that could counteract the laziness with which you are associated in the UK?

When I first went to Spain I realised that you, naps, weren’t just for other people. I realised that you could be more inclusive.

Take a typical Saturday afternoon. It would be just after lunch and I would have had my fill of chicken and potatoes. Everyone would head to bed for an hour. Wow, I thought. I’m going to try that too.

I was hooked.

Eaten too much at lunch? Thanks to you, I’d wake up and that uncomfortably full feeling would be miraculously gone.

Spent the morning with tiring acquaintances? Siestas, you’d give a truthful, and extremely socially acceptable, reason to escape.

Not planned enough to fill my Sunday? While away an hour drifting in and out of dreamy sleep.

What a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon – surely there is little more luxurious than tucking yourself away during the day?

Love you naps


Hermione x

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