Reads For The Weekend

It’s set to be another chilly, rainy UK summer weekend (sob, sob, sob). BUT surely the rain is excuse enough to lie in bed with coffee, toast and a couple of good reads? I’ve spent far too long reading the internet this week, so I’ve put down three of the best bits that I’ve seen here.


  1. The Girls, Emma Cline

Emma Cline’s first novel just came out this week and if you’ve been reading any magazine, newspaper or blog that touches on fiction, you will probably have heard about it. It’s 100% the next book on my To Read list – here’s an interview with Emma where she talks about not having a smart phone and writing from a shed.


  1. Rain, Yoshinori Mizutani

Japanese photographer, Yoshinori Mizutani’s, most recent photo collection manages to make walking I through the city in the rain look gorgeously colourful and appealing. (Hard to imagine right?) Anyway, take a look – kind of reminds me of the British summer…


  1. European Authors Write To Britain

The referendum on the EU is looming and the media coverage is pretty relentless. I recently read this piece in The Guardian where European authors such as Elena Ferrante (my fave), Javier Marias and Timur Vermes share their thoughts on the EU. It need not be said that they put it so much more convincingly than the politicians.

One thought on “Reads For The Weekend

  1. Eeek, I’m sad that you’re going to have a cold miserable summer. 😦 It’s winter in Australia but it’s been super warm so far! We’re having our first cold snap now though, so I should probably shush and hope it goes back to being in the low 20C degrees. hehe. ;D I hope you enjoy these books! They look very awesome. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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