Reads For The Weekend

It’s set to be another chilly, rainy UK summer weekend (sob, sob, sob). BUT surely the rain is excuse enough to lie in bed with coffee, toast and a couple of good reads? I’ve spent far too long reading the internet this week, so I’ve put down three of the best bits that I’ve seen here.


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A love letter to naps…


Dear siestas and naps,

In England you aren’t really the norm.

You’re for babies, toddlers or old people. For sick people or for people who work night shifts. If something tiring happened to me the night before, or if I couldn’t sleep, I’d try and nap.

But I’d probably feel guilty about sleeping in the day and that I should be doing something productive instead.

Though, sleeping is better for you than watching TV, they say. Maybe I could justify you with that? Surely that could counteract the laziness with which you are associated in the UK? Continue reading

Today at lunch…

I skipped a particularly bulbous and unexpected queue.


I hopped out and when I hopped back in again, I was quite a few places ahead of where I’d started.

There were so many people, and all I wanted was a coke – no hot food or complicated coffees for me.

Hmmm, I did feel guilty for a while and struggled to look the man behind me in the eye.

Though the guilt soon slipped away as a walked away with my newly popped fizz, knowing that I’d cut my waiting time by about eighty percent.