New York. New York.

Why hello there New York.

You definitely surprised me. I thought you would be bolshy and brashy and that I would like you only for a while.

New York - 2

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When Nicki Minaj Said it Right


Nicki Minaj. Not only do I love her cutting lyrics, her outrageous videos and her dazzling outfits, I love that she has become an outspoken advocate for women doing what they want, in whatever way they want to.

So, here are a few quotes from Nicki where a) she said it right and b) she shows that just because a women portrays her self as sexy and shows a bit (a lot) of skin, it doesn’t mean that she’s dumb.

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Lena Dunham’s podcast & Zadie Smith


When I first found out that Lena Dunham was bringing out a podcast, I was excited. I’m a big fan of Girls and I’ve read Lena’s book cover to cover (even the slightly more cringe worthy parts.)

The podcast, titled Women of the Hour, comes out every Thursday and consists of an hour long talk show in which Lena Dunham interviews a variety of women about their careers, achievements, views on feminism, their hair, their bodies, their vaginas, their friendships etc. etc.

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